About Us

Welcome To Sanskar Gurukul

Our Philosophy

At Sanskar Gurukul we believe in developing the little ones social skills and abilities and also making them into self thinking young independent individuals. Developing their oral ‚visual and written communication along with fluency in language that will make them enjoy all Sanskar Gurukul and above all helping them acquire a level of communicative competence that is personally satisfying.

At Sanskar Gurukul We Believe

That our children benefit from a strong relationship between family and school. Our program is based on the spirit of “community” where children‚ parents and staff feel a strong sense of partnership and belonging.

We recognize the unique qualities of individual children and feel that children learn best by being active‚ experiential learners. We provide a rich environment where children have the opportunity for discovery and growth.

We encourage the love of learning and the development of an inquisitive mind.

We believe that children deserve to grow at their own rate in a warm‚ nurturing and supportive environment. Properly shaping the architecture of the brain in these earliest years of life has profound benefits in adult life. This is why we focus on social and emotional skills that the child will need at the next level of education. Hence‚ at our school education is not simply limited to the classroom‚ but takes place also in the playground.