• Smart Card: With web integrated system where you can log on and see the progress of your child. The parents are updated with regular text messages.

  • Farming: This unique activity in the school not only improves their motor skills but also gives them a hands on experience of planting and nurturing their own plants.

  • Covered Play Area : This ensures that the children freely interact with each other regardless of the weather conditions‚ as well as remaining physically active.

  • In House Library : Our Library covers a wide range of subjects to introduce children to variety of subjects.

  • Specially Designed Curriculum The curriculum is designed by ″The Speaking Tree″ that has extensive researched experience in child education.

  • Drop your child for an hour : In case you need to visit a relative at the hospital ‚ or have to attend an meeting ‚ you don’t need to take your child there. Simply drop your child with us and he will be taken care of with love and care availing him to all the facilities.

  • Pick up and Drop facility : Worried how your child will travel to school ? Here is the solution‚ our excellent van pick up and drop services are here to rescue you from this situation. To top it all an attendant will accompany your little one.

  • Special Study and Nap Area : This specially designed room is absolutely dedicated for the little once to rest and rejuvenate themselves. Being a quiet room it also serves the purpose and creates the best atmosphere for any student admitted at the day care to study.

  • Dental and Health check–ups : Periodic dental and health chek ups. We are staunch believers of health is wealth and consider it one of our concerns to maintain the health ‚ oral as well as physical of our children.

  • Toy Library/Books Library : It is a well–known fact that toys are an important aid in the development of children. Our Toy Library houses a variety of educational and fun toys through which children develop a whole lot of different skills. Some toys help them exercise key muscles and develop motor skills‚ others help them develop logical thinking‚ while yet others help them develop spatial skills. Children gain self–confidence as they play with toys. As a child masters his toys – as he finishes a puzzle‚ rides a trike‚ or blows a bubble – he develops a feeling of accomplishment. But most importantly‚ the Toy Library is a place where children get to use their imaginations and have a lot of fun.