Our Curriculum

Every child is a natural learner‚ investigator and thinker . We have a specially designed program that caters to every age and every stage that falls within the preschool spectrum. The program is a unique blend of brain – based research and creative teaching techniques that not only teach your children‚ but actually inspire them to learn! We at Sanskar Gurukul provide the materials and activities that support and enhance your child’s ability to learn. Our curriculum‚ has the content that supports ALL aspects of your child’s growing and learning.

Each Day different activities are done with your child which helps him/her learn key Science‚ Math‚ and Literacy concepts and the Social‚ Creative and Physical skills that are essential to school success. Together, they create a balanced program that emphasizes the natural way your child learns through experiences. This is why children learn in different ways and at different paces. Our curriculum program makes use of a range of learning and teaching styles that helps children have their particular learning needs met and also encourages them to explore and exercise all of their intelligences.

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